Your Impact

To date, HHTH Montréal has granted over $2.75 million in 18 years! Funds raised through the Montréal Tournament stay in Montréal to support a number of deserving organizations every year. Funds raised have gone to a multitude of great projects, including meal delivery, furniture purchases for shelters, and transportation. 

Right now, Montreal’s homeless need our help more than ever before. While life as we know it has changed drastically, the fight continues for our community’s most vulnerable and the frontline workers that serve them.


Through the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner beneficiaries in Montreal have faced a number of increasing costs including additional staffing to help support the shelters high volume of guests, sanitation costs due to the increased scope and frequency of cleaning, personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep their front-line staff protected and vulnerable residents safe and higher food supply costs as a result of more and more Canadians utilizing the system.


Take a look at the difference your fundraising can make for members of our community who need it most:


  • $50- Gives an individual in-need a safe place to sleep for the night.
  • $100- Provides 25 warm and nutritious meals to people utilizing shelter services.
  • $250- Houses five women for a night in the Les Voisines Program, an affordable housing program for homeless and at-risk women.
  • $1,000- Provides someone with a 20-day stay in their PRISM program, an innovative model in the field of homelessness and mental health care. The typical stay is approximately 21 days.
  • $2,500- Provides someone with a 40-day stay in their Accueil Program, a residential program for individuals and psychosocial support program.
  • $5,000- Creates five starter packs for clients leaving for permanent housing in the community.
  • $10,000- Houses an elderly person at La Traversée, a program designed to meet the needs of homeless seniors.
  • $20,000- Provides 4 women with housing in the Les Voisines Program for 100 days.
  • $40,000- Funds two beds and care in the PRISM program for up to a year.

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