Your Impact 

HHTH Winnipeg has granted an incredible $315,000 since inception 2019! Funds raised through the tournament stay in Winnipeg to support 3 deserving local organizations: Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), Willow Place, and Red Road Lodge.

Right now, Winnipeg's homeless need our help more than ever before. While life as we know it has changed drastically, the fight continues for our community’s most vulnerable and the frontline workers that serve them.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner beneficiaries in Winnipeg have faced a number of increasing costs including additional staffing to help support the shelters high volume of guests, sanitation costs due to the increased scope and frequency of cleaning, personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep their front-line staff protected and vulnerable residents safe and higher food supply costs as a result of more and more Canadians utilizing the system.

Resource Assistance for Youth Inc. (RaY)

Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. (RaY) is a non-profit agency working with street-entrenched and homeless youth up to the age of 29. RaY offers several programs and services aimed at helping youth get the supports they need and gain critical life skills including housing, drop-in meals, street outreach, work placements and more.

Willow Place

Willow Place is Manitoba’s largest family violence shelter, serving over 800 women and children on average annually.  Willow Place provides a 24-hour crisis line and emergency shelter to women and children leaving violent family situations in Winnipeg. The organization also offers individual and group counselling as well as outreach and prevention services at no cost to the individuals that it serves.

Red Road Lodge

Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s homeless community, the Red Road Lodge provides dry, safe, transitional housing to individuals affected by homelessness in the Winnipeg community. Many of the individuals that it serves are suffering from addictions, substance abuse and mental health issues, which is why Red Road Lodge also provides critical Life Skills and Employment Programs that support the recovery and long-term success of the people that it serves.

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