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Right now, Canada's homeless need our help more than ever before. While life as we know it has changed drastically, the fight continues for our community’s most vulnerable and the frontline workers that serve them.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner beneficiaries across the country have faced a number of increasing costs including additional staffing to help support the shelters high volume of guests, sanitation costs due to the increased scope and frequency of cleaning, personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep their front-line staff protected and vulnerable residents safe and higher food supply costs as a result of more and more Canadians utilizing the system.



Laing House is a non-profit dedicated to empowering young people living with mental illness by providing well-rounded support in young people’s wellness plans, which leads to better outcomes. They offer quality, non-clinical, people-centered mental health support for youth ages 16 - 29. They offer a variety of programs through four main portfolios: Healthy Living, Community Navigation, Employment and Education and Peer Mentorship.


Living Rock has been providing programs that engage, encourage and equip youth towards their personal development goals for 35 years in Hamilton. Last year, Living Rock responded to over 10,000 visits, providing essential supports to one of Hamilton’s most vulnerable populations: youth between the ages of 13-25, who are affected by significant risk factors such as loss of family, poverty, substance misuse and mental health. The programs and services offered by Living Rock Ministries provide a continuum of care for youth and their children, while offering opportunities for personal development, life-skills and employment training.


Founded by Father Emmett Johns “Pops” in 1988, Dans la rue helps young people who are homeless or in precarious situations. With dedication, empathy and respect, and with the support of the community, the team at Dans la rue attends to immediate needs of impacted young people and work with them so that they can acquire the skills and resources necessary to lead more independent and fulfilling lives.


Youth Impact Jeunesse Inc. provides quality care and guidance to children and youth between ten and twenty-four years of age, with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The goal is to help youth and their families reduce or eliminate the conditions that have acted as obstacles to their success. Services are offered within an integrated multi-component continuum of care which ranges from preventative community services, in-home family support, highly structured residential treatment programs, to less structured transitional housing.



Wood’s Homes has provided programs and services for homeless and at-risk youth since 1990. Teens and young adults can find mental health counselling, transitional housing, physical health support, employment, life skills training and more, all in one location - the EXIT Youth Hub. It is much easier for them to ask for and receive all the help they need without having to retell their story over and over again.


Since 1982, Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) has helped lead youth in London and Middlesex County toward success. The organization believes investing in youth and strong communities go hand in hand, and that many youth need guidance and support to reach their potential. Approximately 3,600 youth between the ages of 16-30 access the system of supports available at YOU each year. Whether they are in need of basic needs and housing, access to physical, mental or dental health care, or education and employment supports, our services are designed to help youth lead positive lives.


Covenant House Vancouver’s purpose is to serve all youth, with absolute respect and unconditional love, to help youth experiencing homelessness, and to protect and safeguard all youth in need. It provides a safe haven from the hardships of homelessness and meets the basic needs of youth experiencing homelessness through a nourishing meal, a shower, clean clothes, medical attention, and a safe place to sleep.


West End 24 Hour Safe Space for Youth (also known as WE24) operates out of 430 Langside Street (in Winnipeg, MB) and provides an overnight space for youth ages 13-26 to rest, relax, access food, resources, and basic needs, in a supportive, kind, and warm environment.


360 Kids works to help youth overcome crisis and transition to a state of safety and stability. It serves over 3,500 youth, each year from every municipality in York; this number has grown significantly since their move to the Richmond Hill Hub. The staff represent many cultures and experiences and have earned a reputation as leaders in offering high quality, innovative programming to the people we serve.

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