Your Impact 

To date, HHTH York Region has raised over $1,300,000! Funds raised through the 2021 York Region Tournament stay in York Region to support two deserving organizations — 360°Kids and Blue Door.

Right now, York Region's homeless need our help more than ever before. While life as we know it has changed drastically, the fight continues for our community’s most vulnerable and the frontline workers that serve them.


Through the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner beneficiaries in York Region have faced a number of increasing costs including additional staffing to help support the shelters high volume of guests, sanitation costs due to the increased scope and frequency of cleaning, personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep their front-line staff protected and vulnerable residents safe and higher food supply costs as a result of more and more Canadians utilizing the system.


360°kids has been supporting at risk and homeless youth in York Region between the ages of 16-26 years old for the past 29 years. They provide a full range of support services to youth including: emergency and transitional housing, basic needs like food and clothing, personal support, outreach to schools, gang prevention and intervention, counselling, and education upgrading all designed to help youth get back on their feet.  In their transitional programs, they work with youth delivering one-on-one support and lifeskills to help them one day, live independently within the community. 

Funds raised from the HHTH York Region tournament support the Transitions program, which provides affordable, furnished rental apartments to youth aged 16-26 so they can continue to work or attend school through subsidized rent. HHTH funds the supports needed in the program which includes subsidized rent and a Program Coordinator to help guide these youth out of homelessness. Through HHTH's contributions, 360°kids has been able to provide 14 youth with supports in 9 apartments over the past 2 years.  The Mill Street Project is the newest location that will now provide an additional 3 youth with transitional housing and supports. The longer young people remain homeless, the worse their health and life chances become, that’s why the programs 360°kids offers are crucial.  Your commitment allows 360°kids to be there for youth when they need it most by offering new and innovative housing options that best supports them.


Below is a tour showing the newly renovated Mill St. House.


"We can't only build our way out of homelessness. Innovative partnerships like ours with Hockey Helps the Homeless gives kids a supportive housing option that's effective and less costly." - Clovis Grant, CEO 360°kids

Blue Door

Blue Door, located in York Region, provides safe and supportive emergency housing, and housing services and supports for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Founded in 1982, they operate three sites: Leeder Place for families, Porter Place for men, and Kevin’s Place for male youth. Their mission is to support people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness to attain and retain affordable housing. Blue Door is addressing the root causes of homelessness to ultimately lift people out of poverty and into stable housing by focusing on: Expanding Housing Options to Improve Housing Stability and Homelessness Prevention, Improving Physical and Mental Health and Creating New Employment Opportunities.

Quick Facts 

- At any given time in Canada, there are more than 65,000 young people without a place to call home. Source

- There are only 41 emergency shelter beds available in the entire of York Region for the nearly 300 homeless youth looking for a safe place to stay each night.

- Last year, 360°kids served over 4,372 youth.

- The 360°kids Transitions program is the only program of its kind in all of the GTA.


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