Tournament Locker Room

The Tournament Locker Room contains all of the pertinent details participants will need before they hit the ice. Be sure to check back regularly for Tournament updates, new Fundraising Incentives and Game Day Details.


Each Player must raise a minimum of $500 by puck drop to participate in the Tournament and we're here to help! See below for the 5 steps to exceeding your fundraising targets.


The first step in any successful fundraising campaign is to get started right away! Once Registered, login to customize your Participant Support Centre with a unique photo and story that illustrates why you're participating.


List anyone and everyone that could donate to your Campaign Friends, Family, Colleagues, Neighbors and Clients, etc. and then upload their contacts quickly and easily into your Participant Support Centre.


Draft, send, track and manage your personalized fundraising request directly from your Participant Support Centre.


Continue to ask and remind those who have yet to donate to your campaign. People are busy, and sometimes they need that extra little nudge. Don’t forget to thank those who have already given.


Compliment your online fundraising efforts with other ideas such as a car wash, host a dance, a road hockey tournament or by selling unwanted goods line the possibilities are endless!

Questions? Reach out to for additonal help.

Download the Fundraising Playbook here!

Corporate Giving  

There are several ways you can ask your company to support you! Talk to management about a donation from the company or about donation matching. Corporate teams are also a great way to increase your fundraising, all while encouraging team building and adding to your company’s social responsibility.

Fundraising FAQ’s  

Q. What If I Receive Cash Donations?

A. If you’ve received cash or donations, you have two options: 

1. If you have your donors first and last name and e-mail address you can use your credit card to make the donation online but be sure to provide the correct donor details for tax receipt purposes. Once the transaction is complete you keep the cash and your donor will receive the tax receipt via e-mail.

2. Hang onto the cash donation, and submit it with a completed offline donation form on game day.

Want to fundraise offline? Download the Offline Donation Form here.

Q. Where Should I Mail Cheque Donations?

A. All cheque donations should be accompanied by an offline donation form and can be mailed to:

Hockey Helps the Homeless
44 East Beaver Creek Rd. Unit 4
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1G8

What Happens If I Don’t Hit the Fundraising Minimum by Game Day?

A. All Players who have yet to hit the minimum by Game Day will be required to top themselves up via cash, credit, debit or cheque when they register. Once the fundraising minimum has been met, the Player is provided with their jersey and is ready to hit the ice!


Stay tuned for exciting fundraising incentives!


HHTH Standard Rules and Regulations

Your safety on Game Day is paramount. Remember, this is a charity event and we’re all out here to support the same cause. For today, winning is secondary! The following rules and regulations have been put into place for all HHTH events:

  • All players must sign the tournament waiver prior to their first game
  • All teams must be ready to play 10 minutes prior to scheduled game time
  • If opposing teams have matching hockey jerseys, the lower fundraising team will have to wear pinnies
  • Standard non-contact rules apply
  • Only CSA-approved equipment is allowed. All players must wear CSA-approved helmets at all times when on the ice.
  • A referee will be assigned to every game; a referee’s decision is final
  • Fighting, overtly aggressive or sustained unsafe play by a participant may cause ejection from the event with no reimbursement of funds raised or player registration


At Hockey Helps the Homeless we believe that every Man, Woman and Child should have a place to call home and the supports they need to thrive. To ensure all homeless Canadians have a fighting chance, we host Pro-Am and Collegiate Hockey Tournaments across Canada.

For all media inquiries, please contact: or (905) 943-4250

Click here to download the Media Fact Sheet



Each team has the ability to select a custom HHTH jersey from our catalog below. Choose your favorite design and wear it on the ice!


Questions, comments or concerns? Please contact:

Lacey Tryon
Manager, East/West Operations
Hockey Helps the Homeless National Office