Check back regularly for updates to the 2023 Pro Roster!

The 2022 Pro Roster is listed below.

STEVE PENNEY1.png  Stephane-Richer  HHTH-Card-Front-Corson-Shayne-6  Pro Card Mockup - SHAUN VAN ALLEN

Pro Card Mockup 2022 - richard sevigny  Pro-RamziAbid  Pro-PJStock  Pro Card Mockup 2022 PIERRE DAGENAIS

Pro-PatriceBrisebois  pascal leclaire  hhth-card-front-petrov.png  Pro-NormandDupont    

Pro-MikeKrushelnyski  Pro-MeganBozek  Pro Card Mockup 2022 lombardi  Pro Card Mockup 2022 MATHIEU DANDENAULT

LUKE GAZDIC  lucien deblois  Pro Card Mockup 2022 LUC DUFOUR  Pro-LaurieBoschman-Jets

Pro Card Mockup 2022 KARL DYKHUIS  Pro Card Mockup 2022 JESSE BELANGER  Pro-EthanMoreau2  Alain Cote Quebec  

Pro Card Mockup 2022 DENNIS MARUK  Pro-BrianSkrudland-1  Pro-BradMay  Pro Card Mockup 2022 ANDRE ROY

Pro Card Mockup 2022 ALAIN CÔTÉ boston      


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