Check back regularly for updates to the 2022 Pro Roster!

The 2020 Pro Roster is listed below.


Pro-MikeJohnson  Pro-GeorgesLaraque  Pro-RaffiTorres-EDM  HHTH-Card-Front-Corson-Shayne-6


Pro-WaynePrimeau2  Pro-NikAntropov  Pro-GilbertDionne  Pro-PJStock


Pro-RickVaive  Pro-MikeZigomanis  Pro-MikeKrushelnyski  Pro-GaryLeeman






Women's Division


Pro-LauraFortino  Pro-SarahNurse  Pro-NatalieSpooner1  Pro-BrianneJenner


*Please Note: Due to COVID-19, access to HHTH Alumni Members who are not on your team may be limited. Please respect physical distancing around the alumni at all time. For more information, please contact HHTH Support at*